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Everyone needs a little help from time to time, and we are here to ensure that you find the tools and resources that you need. Whether you come in for individual or group therapy or attend our workshops and seminars, we are sure that you will find what you need to establish life balance at The Bindu Institute.

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The Bindu Institute  provides mental health counseling services, personal coaching services, and consulting services with the philosophy of working with the whole person.  This means an approach which combines best practices from traditional as well as holistic treatment modalities to support full, integrative growth and healing.  We collaborate with medical, holistic, and adjunct practitioners to augment our own areas of expertise. 

What We Do
Our goal in working with counseling clients is to form an equal partnership in which we listen with suspended judgment, deep respect, and a sense of shared consciousness.

Although there are times of serious discrimination and analysis, the basis for the therapeutic alliance is the understanding that we, as the therapists, are not the expert on your life, nor are we in a position of superiority.

Our counseling practice is mostly holistic in nature and incorporates solution focused, transpersonal therapy. The goal of transpersonal work is to focus on the Essential or Higher Self beyond the “mask” we wear. This ideology is the basis of holistic or transpersonal work, which integrates the spiritual traditions of the world with contemporary psychology. It means that we honor your process and help you discover your deepest inner guidance as you create a richer and more meaningful life.

Although problems are what bring people to therapy, and they are an important part of our discussions, we don’t just focus on the negatives.  Part of our approach is to help you discover and draw on your strengths and unique gifts to improve your life.

Counseling Approach and Methods
Because we work from a holistic perspective, we maintain focus on the mind, body, spirit connection and all of our professionals are trained in a variety of very effective counseling methods which we utilize to maximize your personal therapeutic benefit. Due the unique needs of every client, our counseling styles are eclectic in that we use the counseling methods that seem most suited to your individual needs.

How does it work?
We work with clients, in person, at our counseling center in Navarre, Florida.

The First Counseling Session:
During your first session, we focus on understanding your concerns and therapy goals. During this visit you will have the opportunity to get to know a bit about our therapy styles and determine our compatibility in working together.

The Second Counseling Session: 
On the second visit we will review you goals, establish our course of action, and present a plan of collaborative action. During this therapy visit, we will discuss how often we will meet and for approximately how long, in addition to the techniques and modalities recommended to serve your needs. 

Subsequent Sessions:
We will continue to work together in counseling until you reach your goals.  Your goals will be reviewed periodically to make sure that you we are on track and modify them if necessary.  Choosing to see a counselor takes courage and a willingness to grow and change.  Therapy is not for everyone.  For those who do make the commitment the rewards are great.

Why should I choose you?
As a group practice, we have multiple clinicians, varied treatment options, and a diverse array of personal growth opportunities for you to choose from. 

How do I pay for services?
Payment is due at the time of appointments.
We accept cash, check, and credit cards.
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Everyone needs a little help from time to time, and we are here to ensure that you find the tools and resources that you need. Whether you come in for individual or group therapy or attend our workshops and seminars, we are sure that you will find what you need to establish life balance at The Bindu Institute.  

Benefits of The Holistic Approach 

Our modalities can help those struggling with a variety of issues, difficulties, and concerns. Because we take an integrative approach to each facet of your treatment, it is often possible to target more than one therapeutic focus at a time (as discussed with your individual therapist). 

    •    Anxiety

    •    Depression

    •    Children & Families

    •    Relationship Problems

    •    Women's Issues

    •    Maternal Mental Health including Postpartum issues

    •    Identity confusion

    •    Work related difficulties

    •    Body image concerns

    •    Obsessions/compulsions

    •    Persistent self critical thoughts

    •    Psychosomatic illness

    •    Parenting difficulties

    •    Lack of motivation

    •    Trouble concentrating or studying

    •    Trauma & PTSD

    •    Loss/grief

The Difference Between Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting Services

It is important to understand the innate differences between psychotherapy, life coaching, and consulting when seeking services:

COUNSELING  is a collaborative process that involves the development of a confidential professional relationship that focuses on personal issues.

As someone considering psychotherapy, you have a variety of options open to you. There are a number of individual therapists and mental health agencies that advertise themselves as offering an affordable fee. As you might have guessed, the quality of the service varies greatly from one place to the next. As you begin looking for a therapist, you are likely to find some outstanding clinicians, as well as many others who are poorly qualified to address your concerns.  If you are looking for a collaborative and holistic approach with quality practitioners, we hope you will find The Bindu Institute to be your counseling solution.

PERSONAL COACHING  is a professional process that is profoundly different from therapy, counseling, or consulting. The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions, and transitions in the your personal life, relationships or profession, by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.

HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTING  ithe process of giving expert advice to managers and employers working in a professional capacity where it is essential to address and work with people of various temperaments, emotions, and personalities. Our consulting services are specific to considering the overall mental health, motivation, and morale of the workplace.