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The Bindu Institute offers a comprehensive range of therapeutic services that include therapy for Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Addiction, Relationships, Identity Issues, Life Change and more.  Our diverse team of professionals is dedicated to assessing your unique needs and delivering services that leave you ready to tackle the next phase of life in front of your.  Services are tailored to fit the individual client's needs.  Therapy is delivered through individual, family, and/or group sessions.  

The Bindu Institute provides select coaching services for the times in life that we need extra inspiration and encouragement.  Our life coaches deliver individualized coaching initiatives for clients looking to work on their own inner growth through increased life skills, better life management, and individual evolvement in mind, body and spirit. 

We incorporate psychological and behavioral sciences into corporate applications that  increase employee compliance, communication and overall productivity.  Develop your team using synergy, where the whole team is greater than the sum of its individual members.  Build and enhance your organization's team through a partnership with The Bindu Institute.

Holistic Practitioners
Our holistic practitioners and network of preferred referral partners offer a variety of Complementary and Integrative Health services to assist you as you explore new ways of tapping into your emotional base, cope with stress, and maintain a balanced life. 

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Holistic psychotherapy, life coaching, and clinical consulting, integrate multiple approaches to healing and change. The essence of this approach is compassionate, mindful awareness of one's whole experience: Mind, body, emotions, and for some, spirit. Healing occurs in a safe and secure environment. It can be used for both short term solution focused attention to current life circumstances or longer term depth theory exploring issues that need continual healing and resolution. Experiential work is a powerful and direct way to become aware of all the choices before you. Holistic psychotherapy, life coaching, and clinical consulting, integrate multiple approaches to healing and change.

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