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Community Support Staff

Estelle McQueen, BA, Community Support Specialist Supervisor/Coordinator

Estelle McQueen.jpg

Estelle is a Community Support Specialist Supervisor/Coordinator and also serves as a Community Support Specialist in the Navarre, Florida community.  She has worked with The Bindu Institute since December of 2021.  She earned a Bachelor of Art in Asian Studies with a concentration in Arab Cultures from the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill. 


She worked at UNC's planetarium as a Guest Relations and Membership Service employee.  Her enthusiasm for cultures and working with people from a variety of diverse backgrounds led her to a career as an Intelligence Officer with the United States Air Force.  After her career, her passion for people never waned.  Estelle said, "Certainly, the mission does not get done without caring for the people who work it."  Outside of the military, she discovered new ways to serve and take care of a community that once took care of her and joined The Bindu team.

She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, as well as snuggling on the couch to binge watch a favorite show.

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