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Community Support Staff

Hayley Brahm, BA, Community Support Specialist

Haley Brahm edit_edited.jpg

Hayley, Community Support Specialist in the Tampa, Florida area, has worked with The Bindu Institute since September of 2022.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with a minor in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida.  She further completed multiple certifications to include 40-Hour Registered Behavior Technician at USF/ABA, USA Swimming Coach, In Water Safety Training, CPR/First Aid, and Concussion Protocol.


In addition to being a Community Support Specialist, Hayley is a certified USA Level 1 Swim Coach and a certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructor at St. Petersburg Aquatics since 2016 and Special Olympics since 2023.  She coaches young swimmers to learn competitive swimming by implementing the most-to-least prompting methods to help them learn proper form, technique, and rules of etiquette for competitive swimming.  Over 80 percent of her swimmers continue their athletic swim careers to compete at a higher level of training.  The Special Olympic athletes come from diverse backgrounds, with varying intellectual disabilities, and compete at different levels of swimming ability.


The experience she has garnered over the years as a swim coach has helped develop a complex set of skills and strategies to match an individual’s needs to achieve their goals.  She demonstrates empathy, patience, and compassion when working with her warriors.  Furthermore, she employs active listening to identify the cause of an issue and active communication to work with the warrior in assisting with brainstorming potential solutions.  She displays professionalism, efficiency, and astute sensitivity to the needs of everyone around her.


Hayley has participated in various sports such as cross country, soccer, swimming, track & field, and ariel arts.  She enjoys being active and spending quality time with her friends and family.

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