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Consulting Services

A ​holistic approach for your business.

Running a business is tough work. You want to focus on your life dream and are passionate about what your business can provide to the community. But sometimes you need an outside expert to help with specific aspects and that is when a consultant can intervene and help you push through those tough problem sets.

Some items a consultant can assist with:

   •  Research possible solutions to a certain problem set, giving you time back to focus on growing your business.

   •  Team and leadership development

   •  Strategic Planning

   •  Cultural assessments and cultural change initiatives

   •  Organizational development


The consultant’s main goal is to help you smooth out your business and create a happy, healthy environment for you and your employees. When people feel more fulfilled in their professional life, the impact can have exponential effects on their personal life and the community as a whole.

Group consulting services also available depending on your specific needs.

Workshops offered:

The Bindu Way workshop (2-3 days):  This workshop is designed to aid employees and employers improve mental health.  We offer a one-hour intensive training for company leaders; and thereafter is spent with all of the employees together. Numerous exercises planned to build upon mental health education, personality assessments, team building, trust, and exercising the empathetic brain.

True Colors (3-hour workshop):  Have you ever wondered why people act differently? Why do you get along with one person but struggle with another?  True Colors is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator but adds a little "True Color" for easy understanding.  The workshop helps dissect the personality traits using easy to understand methods. Participants will walk away knowing their “color” and the “color” of their work mates. Excellent team building process to help solidify and enforce what strengths employees bring to the table.

Values workshop (3 hours):  Did you know people tend to have 30-40 values? Few know what their strongest values are. These values are important for people to understand why they get along with some people, clash with others, and how to find a group they can belong to. Understanding values is pivotal to finding your place in the world. This workshop will help you understand your top 5-10 values.

Mission, Values, Purpose, and Vision alignment (2 days):  Mission, values, purpose and vision are four of the most important components for a company that wants to have a lasting legacy.  When they are aligned, the company runs smoother, creates more security, and recruits employees who know exactly where the company stands and what they are focused on.

Organizational Culture Assessment (1-day assessment, 3 days for analysis & report):  Culture is like the personality and along with mission, vision, purpose, and values, culture is a make-or-break aspect of a company. Culture is difficult to define, but tends to be the answer to questions like “What do we stand for?” and “How do we do things?” Sometimes the culture you want in your company is not the one the employees want. Or sometimes, the culture you are trying to build is not aligning with the message you are presenting. This assessment will help determine the type of culture your company has, the current status, and future desire of your culture from both the leadership team’s perspective and employees. It is an eye-opening report that helps clarify why there seems to be a rift in your company’s personality. ​

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