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Coaching and Consulting Staff

Dr. Lisha Wallace

Dr. Lisha Wallace, Life Coach and Leadership Consultant, has a passion for helping people, teams, and organizations.  In addition, she works as a Community Support Specialist Supervisor/Coordinator and has been with The Bindu Institute since February of 2022. 


Throughout her 22-year Air Force career, she was able to lead teams, from small to large, push through challenges and succeed. The times where everyone reached their best potential stand out the most. That experience is now embedded in her purpose, and she wants to continue that effort. It brings her so much joy to see a person become empowered, teams come together, positive relationships established, leaders reach their potential, and an organization succeed.


She completed a Doctorates in Strategic Leadership through Regent University in 2021 with an emphasis on consulting and coaching techniques. The program introduced her to assessments such as 360 Degree Feedbacks, Strengths Finders, values inventory, cultural and personality assessments (like Myers Briggs and DISC). More importantly, it trained her how to use these tools to help individuals and teams discover their strengths and purpose. 


Coaching and consulting sometimes come to a similar conclusion but through very different processes. In a consulting dynamic, she will research your issue and provide possible solutions. In the coaching relationship, she will help the client come to possible solutions through guided, powerful questions.


If you are ready to take the next step, discover your purpose and undoubtedly become more fulfilled and happier, she would love to be your guide.


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