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Life Coach
Life Coaching Services
Discover your truths, passions, values, and purpose! Coaching adds to the holistic aspect of a well-rounded life by helping you break down barriers, achieve goals, and live your best life.
In the coach/client relationship, the coach assists the client through transitions with progressive questions to help the client come to the answer for their problem set. The whole focus is getting the client back on the right path or helping them overcome a developmental aspect for their profession.

Some options for coaching are:

   • After completing holistic psychotherapy with one of Bindu’s trained therapists, a Coach can help with the next phase of treatment such as pursuing other life goals, uncovering your values, character traits, and personality strengths, then taking those components and applying them to your educational, career, and/or life path.
   • Assisting adolescents through real life struggles including stress, motivation, self-confidence, schoolwork, substance use, body issues, and relationships using evidence-based strategies.
   • Helping with life transitions such as from high school to college, college to work, or work back to college.  A coach can act as a guide and help find the best path for you.
   • Discovering more about yourself using the specific tools and assessments to discover your values, traits, and strengths and collating the results.
There are many options to incorporate into the coaching journey:

   •  Practical Personality assessments
   •  Values surveys and motivational systems mapping
   • Character strengths assessments for experiencing greater well-being

At the end of the coaching journey, the client will be more fulfilled in life because they are making personal and professional choices in line with their values, leading to happier holistic health.

Group coaching services also available depending on your specific needs.


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