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What People Are Asking

Is The Bindu Institute right for me?

The Bindu Institute will be of benefit if you or your family have experienced difficulties with traumas, substance abuse, communication issues, family violence, loss of a family member or friend, balancing the demands of home and work, conflicts in blended families, divorce, misbehavior or school problems with a child, and the list goes on.  The counselors at our office are dedicated to helping individuals resolve uncomfortable and difficult emotions and assisting families with enhancing their relationships by learning skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness training, coping skills related to anxiety, depression, anger, and substance use, processing through childhood traumas, and working through everyday life stressors.  Most importantly, we work hard to ensure that you have a safe and respectful environment where the counselor will carefully listen, and work together to set achievable goals.

What are the counselor’s office hours?

The counselors see clients during our regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  However, certain counselors will see clients before or after hours, and even on Saturday's.  Call the front office for more details.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

The time can vary depending on your needs.  We only have two counselors that will work with children under 11 years old, so it may take a few weeks or months to be seen.  Teens and adults can usually get seen sooner.  We try to make every effort to get you scheduled as soon as possible.

Do counselors prescribe medication?


The counselors at our office cannot prescribe medication.  If medication is needed, please contact your primary care physician or psychiatrist.  If it is determined that medication would be helpful for you, we can submit a referral.

Does The Bindu Institute provide psychological/neurological assessment/testing?

We do not provide psychological/neurological assessment or testing.  Please contact a local psychologist or neurologist to obtain this.  If a counselor at The Bindu Institute believes that testing is needed, we can submit a referral for you.


Call today to see what Bindu can do for you! 850.816.8122

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