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What To Expect

Although problems are what bring people to therapy, and are an important part of our discussions, we do not just focus on the negatives.  Part of our approach is to help you discover and draw on your strengths and unique gifts to improve your life. We honor your process and help you discover your deepest inner guidance as you create a richer and more meaningful life. Due to the unique needs of every client, our counseling styles are eclectic in that we use the counseling methods that seem most suited to your individual needs.

How does it work?
We work with clients, in person, at our counseling center in Navarre, Florida. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we quickly adapted to the use of technology, and we now offer virtual sessions. Virtual sessions have had the added benefit of creating more accessibility to mental health treatment for those who may have health, mobility issues, or do not reside close to a mental health facility. 


Our goal in working with counseling clients is to form an equal partnership in which we listen with suspended judgment, deep respect, and a sense of shared consciousness. Although there are times of serious discrimination and analysis, the basis for the therapeutic alliance is the understanding that we, as the therapists, are not the expert on your life, nor are we in a position of superiority.

The First Counseling Session:
During your first session, we focus on understanding your concerns and therapy goals. During this visit you will have the opportunity to get to know a bit about our therapy styles and determine our compatibility in working together.

The Second Counseling Session: 
On the second visit, we will review your goals, establish our course of action, and present a plan of collaborative action. During this therapy visit, we will discuss how often we will meet and for approximately how long, in addition to the techniques and modalities recommended to serve your needs. 

Subsequent Sessions:
We will continue to work together in counseling until you reach your goals. Your goals will be reviewed periodically to make sure that you are on track and modify them if necessary. Choosing to see a counselor takes courage and a willingness to grow and change. Therapy is not for everyone. For those who do make the commitment the rewards are great.

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