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Psychology Session

Mental Health Counseling Services

The Bindu Institute offers a comprehensive range of services addressing your unique needs through:

 Individual Therapy; Couple’s Therapy; Family Therapy.


We integrate multiple approaches toward your personal healing and work toward change. Our professional counselors encourage and practice compassionate, mindful awareness throughout your holistic experience.  Healing occurs in a safe and secure environment whether it is at The Bindu Institute or through our telehealth sessions. It can be used for both short-term solution-focused attention to current life circumstances; or longer-term depth theory exploring complex issues that may need continual healing and resolution.  

Each counselor is dedicated to assessing and delivering services that are tailored to you.


Psychology Patient

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling, sometimes called Psychotherapy, is a personal opportunity to receive support and to experience growth during challenging times in your life.

At the Bindu Institute, our Professional Mental Health Counselors work with adults, teens, and children. Individual Counseling allows you to explore your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. It is a process through which you work one-on-one with a trained Professional Mental Health clinician in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.  There you are able to form an alliance, relationship, or bond that enables trust and personal growth.        

Individual Counseling can help you deal with many personal topics in life such as Anger Management; Depression; Anxiety; Substance Abuse; Marriage and Relationship challenges; Parenting problems; School difficulties; Career changes; and to work through challenging or powerful memories; to identify aspects of your life that you would like to change; to better understand yourself and others; to set personal goals; and to work toward holistic balance and desired change.   

Services available in-person and telehealth.

Individual Counseling
Couples Therapy

Couple's Counseling

Couple’s counseling, also called marriage counseling, can help couples in all types of intimate relationships; regardless of sexual orientation or marriage status. 

At the Bindu Institute, Couple’s Counseling, helps all types of couples to recognize and resolve conflicts and improve relationships. Through Couple’s Counseling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding and strengthening your relationship or if necessary, moving toward independence. In many cases, couples seek marriage counseling to improve a troubled relationship and typically includes both partners, but sometimes one partner may choose to work with the counselor alone.

You can use Couple’s Counseling to help with many specific issues such as communication problems, sexual difficulties, anger management, infidelity, substance abuse, and conflicts about child rearing or blended families.            


At the Bindu Institute, Couple’s Counseling can also help couples who plan to get married to strengthen their partnership. Premarital counseling can help couples achieve a deeper understanding of each other and iron out differences before marriage. 


Couple’s Counseling might also be helpful in cases of domestic abuse. (However, if violence has escalated to the point that you are afraid, counseling alone, is not adequate. Contact the police, a local shelter, or crisis center for emergency support.)

Services available in-person and telehealth.

Family Counseling

Couple's Counseling
Family Counseling
Family Moments

Family Counseling is a form of psychotherapy that addresses the behaviors and interactions of all family members and how these behaviors affect each individual, relationships between each other, and how they affect the family unit as a whole. The theory behind it is that regardless of whether a problem appears to be within an individual or within a family, getting other family members involved in the therapeutic process will result in more effective solutions.                      


At the Bindu Institute, Family Counseling treatment-time may be divided between Individual Therapy, Couple’s Therapy, and Whole Family Therapy. The problems addressed in Family Counseling may include physical and psychological problems. Mental health issues such as a family member’s DepressionAnxiety, or other mental health disorder may have an impact on the rest of the family. Our Family Counseling addresses other issues that may also impact the family such as marital and couple’s conflicts; parental and child conflicts; children’s behavior problems; Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Sexual Dysfunction; Grief; Distress; Eating Disorders; weight issues; and issues with Eldercare.

Services available in-person and telehealth.

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