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Community Support Staff

Phyllis Scheidt, AS, Community Support Specialist

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Phyllis Scheidt works as a Community Support Specialist in the St. Petersburg, FL area and has worked with The Bindu Institute since August of 2022.  She earned an Associates of Science in Math and Science from Barstow College in CA.  She took additional classes in Nursing Studies and General Studies at Excelsior College.  She has an LPN tech degree from Tennessee Technology Center.

She served in the United States Army for 4 years as an Army Military Police Corps and worked in investigations unit where she focused on investigating larcenies, simple assaults, fraud and more.  She received the Army Commendation Medal.  Additionally, she worked as a 911 Dispatcher at Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, a Nurse Case Reviewer contracted with AR-MEDCOM, and an LPN at Madigan Army Hospital.  She was the Health and Safety Chairmen at the American Red Cross in Fort Buchanan, Peurto Rico.  Lastly, she has volunteered for many family support groups.

As a military spouse for 26 years, she has a deep understanding of the hardships of the military community including: the high op-tempo of the spouse, lack of available housing, changes in schools, frequent missed holidays, the separations, and endless disruptions.  This experience has given her a unique perspective on ways of understanding the veterans she works with.  She has a passion for caring for veterans and looking out for their interests.


Phyllis' hobbies are swimming, kayaking, discovering local history and conservation. She is a Native Floridian, daughter of a WWII veteran, married to an Infantry Soldier who was deployed to Afghanistan twice and Iraq twice.

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