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Community Support Staff

Steve Harris, Community Support Specialist

Steve Harris.JPG

Steve works as a Community Support Specialist in the Bowersville, Georgia area (northeast of Atlanta) and has been with the company since July of 2023.  He graduated from a technical high school with a focus on agriculture.  In addition, he completed foster parent training for the state of Georgia and holds a certification with EAGALA for equine assisted therapy.


In addition to being a CSS, Steve also works at Reins of Life (Equestrian facility), in charge of farm building and maintenance.  He has also been working with foster children for 15 years and helping them overcome their traumatic pasts. Through his life experiences, he feels he is able to understand and empathize with many of the challenges the warriors face and can help by assisting with developing new skills, interests, and volunteer opportunities in line with the warriors’ goals.


Steve enjoys cooking and making a great banana/chocolate pudding!  Also, he enjoys wood turning, playing on his tractor at the farm, and travel, especially to the national parks.  He is a proud grandpa of 11 grandchildren!

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