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Community Support Staff

Charlie Bombalier, Community Support Specialist

Charlie currently serves as a Community Support Specialist in the Orlando, Florida community and has worked with the Bindu Institute since August of 2016.  He is a Vietnam Veteran of the US Navy. He attended Miami Dade Jr. College and Jones College. He retired as a sales manager after 25 years in the beer industry. Charlie also volunteered as an assistant to a psychologist helping abused kids and adults. He also worked for Friends of Children and Families dealing with dysfunctional families afflicted with alcohol, drug abuse, or abusive family members.                                   


Charlie is passionate about helping people because he experienced severe abuse as a child between the ages of 7-14. He was born in Havana, Cuba and came to the USA at age 9. As a child in Miami, he was helped by many people to survive his ordeals and grew to return the kindness given to him. His past experience has enabled Charlie to help others to be the best versions of themselves, despite traumas in their lives. He is a member of several organizations that help children and was just elected as President of the Kiwanis for this upcoming year (21). He is married and has 3 grown children (3 daughters - Charlie's Angels).

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