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Community Support Staff

Trevor Tapper, Jr., B.A., Community Support Specialist

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Trevor works as a Community Support Specialist in the Hinesville, Georgia area and has been with the company since January of 2023.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in general studies with a concentration in Human Resource Essentials from Southern New Hampshire University (Sum Cum Laude). He was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, The National Society of Leadership and Success, and Alpha Beta Kappa.  He earned a certificate as a Master Resiliency Trainer from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, he holds certifications in Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Cost Analysis and Functions of Excel, DISC Leadership, Agile, Scrum Master, and Lean Six Sigma White, Yellow, Green, and Black Belt. He is currently enrolled at Cornell University to pursue a master's certificate in Consumer Law with a certification of Professional Human Resources and Society for Human Resource Management.


He has over 28 years of military leadership and training experience to include management of over 300 personnel and 700 detached personnel in the U.S. Army. He managed the day-to-day operations of taskings, HR, network, supply, and current and future operations for the U.S. Army until his retirement.  His broad range of education and previous work experience in the military (and personable & fun personality) gives him a unique set of qualities that help the warriors he works with.  He has a passion for helping others and educating them to assist with reaching their true potential.


Trevor enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, traveling, watching movies, and trying new things. He also volunteers regularly to feed the homeless as a way of giving back to his community.

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